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Final Waltz Trilogy Community
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Angsty army guys and snarky snipers and poetical dragons OH MY!!

This is the community for discussion, updates, critiques, etc EVERYTHING!!!! pertaining to the Final Waltz Trilogy. More information on the series can be found from the Official Final Waltz Site or from Violet Iris Publishing.

All are welcome and encouraged to post! We hope this place will be more lively than the board was.

There will be rules...

1. No flaming, flamers will be warned ONCE and on a second violation removed without further notice. Flaming means being unruly or mean to anyone for any reason. If you have an issue with another member, it should be taken up with the list maintainers or the party involved, not the list publically.
2. No advertising other communities, products, or likewise, without the approval of a moderator. Advertisements will be removed without notice.
3. Try to stay fairly on topic. Use your own judgment. Questionable topics will be at the mercy of moderator judgment.
4. Images over 100kb and long posts MUST be under an LJ-cut. (Please visit this page if you do not know how to do a LJ-cut.)

Warning: Some side effects may include sleepiness, nausea, headaches, or sexual impotence.