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The Jerk Squad [userpic]



a. Sallas' last name is cut off for word count, so he's Sallas Shadowboun

b. Sanji does not fit ANYTHING ELSE IN THE VIDEO

c. This is not anything like a real movie trailer... but I don't care.

The Jerk Squad [userpic]

Final Waltz Short "Lady in Waiting" (Lilly "memoir") available here. About 70% finished. R-rated content. Ummmm. Yep!

It's weird to write sex with Julian from Lilly's perspective...

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subtle as a sledgehammer to the heart [userpic]


Actually this is more along the lines of an 'anti-valentine's day' entry (who's bitter and single and twisted? Moi? Never!)

So, we have Sal being cold and heartless. I do have nice happy cute couple images!...But I didn't get time to ink them. Fail!

So! Brief explanation of the image (through the power of LYRICS!!)

Portrait by Duke SpecialCollapse )

Your broken heart was never on my mindCollapse )

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clem [userpic]

for the valentine contest. provided that i am even allowed to enter, of course:


≖‿≖ [userpic]

In your face, deadline! They're sketchy, but on time. >3
For J. Good luck with the apartment.

For couplesCollapse )
For singletonsCollapse )

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The Jerk Squad [userpic]

Well, the fanfic contest is over and the great side of the story is, I don't have to spend any money or work on prizes! :D

So, here's an impromptu ART CONTEST:

** Draw a FW character (or characters) in costume being fairly Valentine's Day-y.

First prize: Commission by me, lines + color, one character no bg
Second prize: Commission, et all above, just lines
Third prize: Sketch commission

Yatta yatta, same rules as usual -- FW characters, credit Dei and Fink to their owners, submit as many pieces as you like, judging will be anonymous.... And you'll be judged on pure enjoyment. So even if your skills are less than you'd like them to be, if you make me laugh my ass off, you'll probably win something.

Deadline is VALENTINE'S DAY, February 14.

The Jerk Squad [userpic]

I have a friend who makes buttons, and wants to make money. Who'd buy FW character buttons?

The Jerk Squad [userpic]

Since no one submitted anything, I could very well just call the whole thing off, but instead I've decided to be even lazier than that and give a two week extension. Entries will now be due Jan 14th.

If no entries are received by then, there are no winners.

But on the other hand, I guess there'd be no losers, either...


Alyssia [userpic]

Andy (pantamalion) made a new FW icon!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Feel free to use!

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The Jerk Squad [userpic]

Two things:

1. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43231702/

2. http://www.finalwaltzonline.com/game/game.html

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